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Cyber @lert (update) - Cyber security self-assessment

As anticipated, enforcement of cyber security law by the Chinese authorities has begun.

TL Group (TEKID & LEAF Alliance) have been recently contacted by several organizations (MNCs and SMEs) to assist them in the conduct of official investigation from Cyber police of their compliance with the China Cybersecurity Law (CSL) and the MLPS (the applicable cybersecurity and data privacy protection framework made mandatory under the CSL).

We understand that these organizations are part of a larger investigative operation, as was announced in our previous @lert.

Many organizations are still ignoring their obligation to complete a self-assessment of implementation of the CSL and MLPS and filed it with authorities.

This new development illustrates the willingness of the authorities to start the enforcement of the cybersecurity and data protection regulations in China.

TEKID is a member of TL Group, an alliance between TEKID and LEAF, a consortium between Tech and Legal experts

Original post: Cyber @lert (update) - Cyber security self-assessment

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