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Password Tips.

With a high number of online accounts an average person has set up these days, many use the same simple password again and again. This ultimately leaves them to be preyed upon by cybercriminals on the hunt for easy targets.

In an era of costly data breaches, it is extremely important to use strong passwords to.

Here is how to do that.


An 8-character complex password is much easier to crack than a simple but long password.

“Pa$sw0rd 1” may be fairly easy to remember, however it poses as a threat when it comes to security.

Ideally, a password should be composed of long characters. Try thinking of a dozen or more. Then string them together using an easy-to-remember phrase:

“YourAccountIsVerySecuredWithTEKID” Yes! Size matters in this case


Do not use one password for all your accounts, create easy to remember but contextual password for each social account you contain.

LinkedIn- “ MyLinkedInIsVerySecuredWithTEKID!”

Gmail- “MyGMAILIsVerySecuredWithTEKID”


Second factor authentication is a absolute must for password protection, such as a SMS code etc. Most online services propose such features, check it out.

Advantages of Multi-Factor Authentication

Protection Against Credential and Device Theft

Regulatory Compliance

Improved Security


A password vault is a software program that keeps a number  of passwords in a secure digital location.  By encrypting the  password storage, the password vault offers users the ability  to use a single master password for accessing a number of  different passwords used for different websites or services.

Consider installing a password vault that will securely save all your passwords and will need a master password to open it.


Passwords eventually leak due to a data breach on a website you are registered, leaving your account getting accessed by a malicious user. Frequently changing your password can avoid such situation. (at least twice a year for your personal password)


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